Back to our Beginnings in Nashville

So we got back into Nashville, as I said last night, and after setting up our rig, we trotted down to Main Street in Hendersonville for some Center Point Pit Barbecue. Now, in Texas barbecue is mainly brisket, but in Tennessee it's PIG. And this place has the best I've had in a whole month of Sundays. It's at the corner of Main and Center Point in Hendersonville, as as you can see from the photos below, it is mmmmmmm....good!The place is very small, but after many, many years they are expanding. Right now the place sits maybe 20, with a lot of to-go.
There are photos of stars all over the wall, all signed by the rich and, perhaps, one time famous, and, of course, t-shirts!
I had pulled pork with turnip greens and white beans, and Raf had the same with garlic mashed potatoes instead of greens. We each had sweet tea, and we took home some tarts (chocolate, pecan, and chess) and some brownies.
This morning we got up, and since Raf was a tour guide in Nashville 30+ years ago he took me on a tour to the house which had belonged to June and Johnny Cash. It was recently purchased by Barry Gibb, and while it was under renovation, it burned to the ground. Here are photos of the burned house and one of John in front of the house in an earlier time. John and June owned the house from 1968 until 2003 when they both died...within 3 months of each other. They often had parties at the recording studio (photo below of the House of Cash), and we attended one of the parties and met John's parents. His mother played the piano for us. On another occasion, my mother and step-father visited Nashville, and we took them out to Johnny's house. He wasn't home but she got her photo taken with his body guard, Mario. He was about Mother's height, 5'2", but he was a fellow you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. Raf said he took a tour out there once when John and Billy Graham were walking together in the garden.

Next we went to the Gibson Guitar Showcase where they make and sell guitars and to the Bass Pro Shop.
Then we came back to Gallatin Pike and took it down through Nashville where it became a Main Street, 8th Avenue North, 8th Avenue South, and finally Franklin Road and Franklin Pike. We went by Big Tractor Music where our friend Madeleine Parletore works as director of admissions. It's been in business 14 years and is a real big deal in the country music world.

We went to Wild Oats Market to get a sort of Central Market fix. Tomorrow, we are going to Radnor Lake for our WALK. The last time we were here I couldn't go all the way...or even a little way around it. My hip is great, but my knee is playing up, so we will hope for the best.

Love to you all...see ya in the funny papers!


Terry said…
Yummy...The food looks SO good!!

Talking about food, that Turtle is definitely grounded from Kittie treats.
I will just have to give her share to Adi, Jim's grandaughter.

Anyways she was much too tired to eat tonight.
She was too filled up with meeces and she and her brothers are just settling down for the night.
You can catch a sight of the three of them on my blog!!

Have a safe trip back!!...Love you too...Love Terry
Susie said…
Thanks for the mini tour of Nashville. That BBQ looks really good. Enjoy your walk tomorrow!!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I didn't know any of that about Johnny Cash's house being sold to Barry Gibb or it burning to the ground, how sad; I know that had to be incredibly heart breaking for y'all with that history... can't even imagine seeing him walking w/ Billy Graham; what a treasured memory that must be. My great uncle used to say "see you in the funny papers", haven't heard that for a long time! Have fun, stay safe :)
PEA said…
Nashville has always been a place I would love to visit one day...I love country music and anything to do with it:-) That food certainly does look good, yummmm!! I collect celebrity autographed photos so I would have loved seeing those on the walls! As for the tour of the Johnny Cash house, that is sooo neat! What a shame it burned down though!! I'm so enjoying being on this trip with you through your posts:-) xoxo
Oh, that looks like so much fun and the food, I think I could almost taste it but just not quite. Hope you have a very good time. connie from Texas

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