Crazy Hats at St. Luke's

As many of you know, I'm a free-lance journalist and sometime photographer. Here are the photos I took to publicize our church's Crazy Hat Luncheon:

Women of Luke's Episcopal Church in Mineral Wells, Texas, will host its third annual Crazy Hats Luncheon on Friday, June 8, from 11:30 am-1:30 pm. St. Luke's Episcopal Church is located at 600 NW 6th Street in Mineral Wells. The price of the luncheon will be $6.00 per person, take out or eat in. Raffles will be held during the luncheon; raffle tickets are $1.00 each. Come wearing your crazy hat, eat, and join in the fun. Prizes will be given for the craziest hats!

Don't ya love these crazy hats?!?


Morning Glory said…
Those are some seriously crazy hats!!
Lin said…
Sioux! These are hilarious!! I LOVE EACH OF THEM!!! Makes me grin from ear to ear -- FUN!!!
Annie said…
Hello SiouxSue,

I DO love these crazy hats. I know I'd go to this get-together if I were close to Mineral Wells.

Thanks for coming by to say hello. I do hope you'll come again.

Susie said…
Now this would be my kind of luncheon. I love hats and don't mind posing in crazy or silly ones!!
Susie Q said…
What fun this must have been!

I have really enjoyed playing catch up with you here today!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

Kelli said…
Those are great hats, Sioux! It looks like everyone had such a fun time!
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
I love hats. Have a shelf full of them on the top of our wardrobe. Even better are ladys with humor and and a twinkle in their eyes.
Gemma said…
A favorite thing to do is try on crazy hats.....just love it!!!!
PEA said…
Oh what fun!! I can't get over the originality behind those hats...wonderful to see these people get right into the fun of it all:-) xox
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I love those chapeaux indeed! My favorite crazy hat is in the top photo with the tag hanging... a la Minnie Pearl! What great fun.
Tinker said…
I love crazy hat days! Looks like you had a really fun one! xo
Kai said…
What a wonderful set of pictures Sioux! The fun and laughter is captured perfectly in these um!!

Peace Kai xxooxx
Yes, I do love the crazy beautiful wonderful hats. Everyone looks like they are so enjoying themselves. It is so nice to have a good time and be happy. connie from Texas
Naturegirl said…
Crazy .Cute .Creative! hugs NG
Pam Aries said…
Hee HEE! I love it! It looks like everyone is having a blast!
Holy hats Batman!!!
So cute.
AnastasiaC said…
what fun hats!!! love the huge pink one!
Anonymous said…
Cool hats - those sure would be fun to draw!
Dawn said…
Those are some really crazy hats! Looks like a good time was had by all. And for a good cause.

I wanted to let you know that Kev and I have finished Chapter 9, and it's the last chapter for now. Seems hard to believe that all of a sudden it's over, but it's a beginning, not an end. Stop by if you have a few minutes!
Linda said…
:-D These are fantastic! They really made me smile!
Libbys Blog said…
Some great hats there!! I bet fun was had making them!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!
I LOVE the hats! Thanks for sharing them!
smilnsigh said…
You asked if you may use the dog-tag on your blog? Of course you may!!!! And it's not mine, anyway. I saw it on
and loved it and asked her, if I could use it. And of course, she said YES!

I wish everyone would want to use such!!! :-)

Sheila said…
I remember an old saying from my childhood..
"if you want to get ahead, get a hat"
silly isn't it? and I have no idea what it means. The participants here sure had a variety of headgear.
I love the new look of your blog..Sioux..great..!!

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