Jackson, Tennessee--ugh

Well, as we were pulling out of Jackson, Tennessee, (not the Jackson of Johnny Cash/June Carter Cash fame), I looked in the side mirror and told Raf I thought a trailer tire had blown. We pulled onto the shoulder, and wouldn't you know it, I was right, as usual.

I'm just thankful it wasn't Memphis...probably the dirtiest town in the US of A.

Raf worked for two hours on the tire, discovering one axle was not bolted to the frame on one side of the trailer, and it was free to move two or three inches back and forth, so we pulled into a ratty looking RV park, that has great wifi, went to the local, you got it, Wally World and Lowes (stopping for a Starbucks in the process), as well as a tire store, and we have a new tire and a fixed trailer. It is 6 pm. We had left Nashville at 9:30 this morning.

We will go on to Texarkana tomorrow and home again, home again jig-ity, jig, on Wednesday in time, I hope, for a church vestry meeting...since I'm a member, I should be there, don't ya think?

So...that's our story for the day...but I am planning a whole lecture on culture in the next few days.

Love to you all!


PEA said…
I've just caught up with your last 3 posts....you're just having sooo much fun:-) Loved the videos and pictures as usual! How wonderful that you were able to visit with Raf's brother and spend some time with him! What a shame about the tire but hopefully that's the only problem you'll have had during your whole trip! Safe travels home!!! xoxo
Morning Glory said…
I'm so sorry about the tire and the stress it caused. I'm sure you'll be ready to be home by the time you get there.

I'm also glad that my post about peace was helpful to you. It's kind of odd, at first I thought it was sort of a silly thing to post about things hanging on my walls, but apparently there was a reason, since it meant something to you.

I hope you're feeling better about things now.
Susie said…
A blow out can be scary. Glad it's fixed and you can be on the road. Thanks for the kind words on Vincent. He can be a rascal for sure!!
Tinker said…
I'm sorry you lost the day to the tire - but I'm glad you were so observant and discovered it before it could cause any bigger problems.
Hope you have a safe and happy time the rest of your trip home!X0
Naturegirl said…
Have a continued safe and memorable trip!I can only imagine the fun it is travelling in a RV! hugs NG
Susie Q said…
I know that even with today's events, you are having a grand old time. : ) I wish you a safe and happy end of your journey...had so many wonderful experiences and even the not so wonderful will be fun tales to tell! That is what makes memories!! : )

Enjoy the rest of it all...we will all wait to hear even more!!

Thank you for all the videos and pictures too!

Pam Aries said…
Hi Sioux! I have missed you..I am glad you are having a fun road trip! ...I actually loved Memphis! Especially Beale Street! . Have a continued wonderous and safe trip!
The Woman said…
So glad I found you! I've missed you!

Sounds like you and dear hubs are having quite the adventure!

(This is Lisa)
Gail said…
Thank God you caught the problem before it got worse....sorry I have not been around Blogsville lately, we are distributors for Monavie now and with spring and all of the yard work and company on the way then I will be doing VBS at church soooo, but thanks for asking about me and I will try to post soon. BE BLESSED:-)
judie said…
I have to agree with you about Memphis. I went through there, got lost there, couldn't wait to get out of there!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Glad y'all are OK! I'm praying for safe travels. Check in when you're safely home, looking forward to the culture lessons.
Kelli said…
I'm sorry to hear about your flat tire. Phillip got one on the way to a jazz festival a few weekends ago and it took up so much time. I hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly!!
Terry said…
Thank you for being there for us Sioux..You are precious! ..Love Terry
Lisa said…
Glad you're all fixed up and on your way home. You're a great videographer. I especially enjoyed the Saturday night in Nashville video!
Sheila said…
I'm glad the tire was fixed and everything is okay. I have been following your travels, and you have covered some miles..!
Look forward to hearing more about it when you get home.
Safe journey..!

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