Old Herbaceous and a break

I have just completed the most charming novel. Set in the English countryside from the end of the 19th to the middle of the 20th Centuries, it is the story of a country lad who fell in love with a garden and who, over decades, became the most famous Head Gardener in England. This novel gives glorious glimpses of life in those times, as well as a warmth and human glow as the reader discovers what living at that time, for both the gentry and the common man, was truly like.

A couple of weeks ago Kelli told of visiting the used book store and finding a treasure trove of books. That encouraged me to get online and do the same. Out of that came Old Herbaceous. Thanks Kelli!!

I realize I have been out of pocket for over a week, and I'm sorry about that, but circumstance sometimes conspire to change what we had in mind to do. In the next few days I hope to visit your blogs and to also share, though photo and video, some of our jaunts around the country. I also plan to continue the Culture theme with more of my ravings and rantings. And I will, at some point, publish my June column by guest columnist, James Plyant, on actress Carolyn Jones. Hope you'll join me!

God bless you all...God bless us, everyone.


Lin said…
What a book!!!Looks fantastic! Hope you're well!
Kelli said…
That sounds like my kind of book, Sioux! It sounds wonderful!!

smilnsigh said…
Oh this novel sounds delicious. I love glimpses into life of such times. Thank you for telling us about it.

-chuckle- I await your next installment on the Culture theme. Oh my yes!

And btw, good news! Seems as if the latest weird idea by our Mayor, is gonna' bite the dust.

We live in a very busy city, which gets 'zillions' of times more busy, in tourist season. And this {guess which Party?} Mayor wanted to cut traffic to one lane, each way. Mmmmmm... did anyone say "Kill Off Downtown"? Which {downtown} is lovely and safe and one of the main attractions to people, to come visit us? Did anyone say, Kill Off Our Thriving Downtown... when ours is the total envy of every city around us. Yishhhhhhhhhhh....

-boiling point again being nearly reached- -calm down Mari-Nanci- -breeeeth- :-)

Susie said…
I was hoping you were having a nice relaxing break! What better way to spend it than curled up with a good book!
Missed you!!
Dawn said…
There's nothing better than a good friend book!
PEA said…
Well there you are! Missed you so much:-) Glad everything is ok and that you only got busy! Life does tend to get in the way of blogging sometimes doesn't it! lol That book sounds marvelllous! xox
Sheila said…
My kind of book Sioux.
I must look for it.
You will soon catch up, and I look forward to your next post.
Jungle Mom said…
Thanks for the book review! I am always looking for good novels.
I love all the pictures. I am so glad you found such a good book. It looks like have been having some really great times. I am so glad. connie from Texas
Pam Aries said…
oooo.! What pretty flowers! Texas is beautiful! THe book sounds right up my alley! ..NTW , glad you like my new banner! Lisa Oceandreamer made it for me! I am still too low tech to figure stuff out! ha! Happy weekend!
Love your post! And thank you for visiting me too!
mrsnesbitt said…
Sounds a great book! Could be written about my hubby! LOL! I think not!
RUTH said…
Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. This book sounds right up my street shall look out for it. have enjoyed all the photos on your blog.
AnastasiaC said…
i love book reccomendations! love the cover too...although they do say never judge a book by its cover...this one looks good!

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