What I've been doing the last couple of weeks...

We drove around to see all the flowers, and Raf took some spectacular photos. These are at the Famous Water Company.This says Texas in the spring.
I saw Bethy and Courtney at Linda's Wedding Shower.Linda's getting married....congratulations and best wishes.
Our Church honored the seniors. Here's our Joey, who will graduate on June 1 and go into the Marines on June 24Congratulations, Seniors!
Mothers' Day...Jen and BethyCarolyn
Mineral Wells has a rodeo each spring. Here's some of the parade.
The parade begins with the fire trucks and police cars. . .

Horses of course. . .

Coeberry Jam. . .Willy Coe and his family


Texas in Spring? Sounds like a great place to be. Throw on the bbq!!!!
The yellow flowers, are they morning primrose?
They are very nice whatever they are.
By the way, seniors rock!
Tinker said…
Sioux those flower photos are just gorgeous!
Congrats and best wishes to your Joey.
Thanks for sharing the parade.xo
Merle said…
Hi Sioux Sue ~~ Thank you for coming over from Pea's blog to wish me a Happy Birthday. That was so nice of you, thanks again. Take care, Merle.
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
some of the best things aboout beong a blogger is learniing about people and places in a new and better way.
I've found that Christians are very much alike anywhere. (Thank God for that).
That people who likes flowers and cats have alot in common all over the world. I would never have imagined such beautiful flowers in Texas though.
In my square mind Texas is oil, "Dallas" soap series and cowboys and desert. Forgive me for being so narrow. I am about to upgrade my knowledge.
Have a happy spring in flower wonderland.
From Fel
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
... and a good time was had by all...! Congrats to Joey, and best wishes to him. I know how proud you must be. He's such a handsome young man, imagine him in uniform! Thanks for sharing.
Sheila said…
You sure have been busy Sioux.
Now it's Memorial Day weekend and I'll bet you have more visiting and entertaining on the agenda..!
"Early Bird" said…
Good times in Mineral Wells huh?
Mrs. Mac said…
Thanks for stopping by today ... I recognize your blog name from Terry's blog (Canada).
PEA said…
I can see why you've been so busy...but what a "fun" busy:-) I so enjoyed all the pictures and videos..I love a parade!! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and your loved ones dear Sue! Love ya! xoxo
judie said…
Ah, Mz. Sioux. I haven't been here in a short while because I was having puter problems. Every time I came here, I would get screen freeze so I laid back for awhile. Thought I would try again. Working now. Whew! Loving those gorgeous flowers! xoxoxo
smilnsigh said…
Oh I so hope lots of local people will be writing to Joey, who is going in the Marines!

Oh I am so in awe of Marines! Totally in awe. I've read books and I'm so proud to Net-know Marines, including a beautiful gal Marine.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'OUR' Joey. I think that means 'our' as in 'our Church. Oh my but I hope lots and lots of Church people will write and write and write to him... during his military time. It is so important for them to know they are missed and cared about and all.

I have a link to a short film piece, which makes one want to write to someone in the military. Even if they aren't a close relative or friend. If you'd like it, I'll give it to you in email. Please write to me at warrrmmm at yahoo dot com, if you'd like it. :-)

Oh my! I'll get off my soap box now. :-))))

SiouxSue said…
For those of you when didn't know, Joey is our second oldest grandson.
I enjoyed that! I really miss Mineral Wells.

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