Radnor Lake--I did it!!

Yesterday morning we got up early, ate, and drove around Nashville to Radnor Lake. It's off Granny White Pike. We walked the Lake trail from the main parking lot by the office around on the Lake Trail and then the old road that is now closed. It took us a little less than 2 hours, and I was exhausted by the end, but I MADE IT! It was a beautiful walk...always has been. We saw chipmunk, squirrel, geese (one goose had 8 eggs , and 4 or so had hatched...below the dam, but when we got there there was one egg left, no babies, and no goose...just several snakes...ugh!), lots of warblers, cardinals, woodpeckers, and a good look at a bared owl. We too the first photo when we got back to the car.I was really tired by this time.
These are multiple looks at Radnor...and at the end of the blog there are movies which include the beautiful songs of some of the birds.

After we walked we went to the Elliston Place Soda Shop for lunch and a soda. This place has been in operation forever, and it was one of our hangouts when we lived here.

The Elliston Place Soda Shop is on Elliston Place near Music Row. This is looking up, or west, on Elliston Place.

Here is the Gold Rush where we went on our first date...after we listened to Lenny Breau at Mississippi Whiskers. Lenny is dead, and Whiskers is no more.Today we rest and go to Kingston Springs were we lived...see ya!


Michelle said…
I bet that felt so good to know you made it all the way around on that walk! Yay! What a beautiful walk it looks like it was too.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Hooray, YOU DID IT!! It was comical, when I was playing the bird "music" you should have seen Hannes, he was cocking his head and listening intently... like there were birds in the house! Funny... Anyway, rest up. PS--I could barely see you in your camouflage shirt ;)
Just Mom said…
Beautiful. Thanks for letting us travel with you.
PEA said…
I want one of them sodas from the Soda Shop! lol Yeahhhhh you, you walked the Lake Trail, well done:-) I so enjoyed all the pictures and the videos...it must be bringing back so many memories for the two of you!! xoxo
Dawn said…
Looks like you're having a great time on your trip, too! The lone egg looks so sad. My BIL and SIL live in a very woodsy area in Athens and the birds in the morning were just wonderful - like a heavenly choir.
Lisa said…
Oooh can you hear my applause for Raf? I love his song and his voice reminded me immediately of Marty Robbins. Beautiful.

I'm sooooo happy you made it on your walk. That made my heart sing!!! THe birds sound beautiful. I am blessed to hear those same sounds in my own yard every morning. I try not to take it for granted.

I am enjoying your trip almost as much as you are. lol Your movies are always great!
judie said…
Oh Sioux, how wonderful you two get to go back and visit the place where you started out your life together. I am so envious. And it is such a beautiful place. God Bless you both.
I love the pictures Sue! Congrats on making it all the way on your walk. What beautiful country that is. I would love to know where I could find walking sticks like you have?

I loved the soda shops. Don't you wish more old places such as that were still in business. Those were the good old days!

Praying safe trip for you!

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