Our Oldest Grandson

Our grandson, John, works for the White Settlement Police Department.  Last night he was awarded Rookie of the Year.  He has been with them for three years, almost, and he has done an outstanding job.  

Today was our family dinner.  We had a "dog days of summer" meal with hot dogs, coleslaw, potato salad, beans, and all the munchies in the world.  Our all three daughters, three grandchildren, and a couple of good friends joined us.  It was wonderful.  We ended up playing Trivial Pursuit -  of course Raf won!  John came in second.  

This was an exceptional day - as is always the case when our family is here.  We thank God for a glorious day and a family of whom we are extremely proud!

Congratulations, John!


Sue said…
Congrats to your grandson. That's a very challenging job--I used to be married to a police officer. There were plenty of times I wondered how on earth he could bear to do that job---I don't think most folks realize just how tough it is.

And your Dog Days meal sounds wonderful. Good hot weather fare.

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