Bath Time

Obviously this is not a picture of me, and, anyway, my daily trash bag wrap goes clear to my shoulder, but this is the sort of thing I have to wear every day to bathe.  

I do love a shower daily, but, man-oh-man, this is a pain in the patoot.  Poor Raf has to string me up with duct take and masking tape.  Then I have to hold my left arm up in the air, and lean it against the side of the shower, while washing all over and shampooing my hair.

So far, so good, though.  I haven't gotten any of the bandage wet yet.  The part in the next photo is what I must not get wet, and the covering you can see in the photo is the top of a man's sports sock.  They recommended tube socks, but, unfortunately, no one has heard of tube socks - guess they are a thing of the past!

As you can see from this photo, too, my office/studio/whatever is a mess, as usual, but you get the idea about the size of the bandage.

One more interesting thing is the shirt I am wearing.  I bought this one from Ulla Popken, and I liked it so much I bought 3 more when they came on sale - not knowing I would have to have a picc line.  This was one more little God-send!  These shirts have worked great for each infusion!

Today will be my seventh day of infusion, then I just have seven to go - God willing.  I will have to keep the picc line in, just in case, for about a week while tests are run.  Then we shall see.

God's will be done.


Anne Jeffries said…
Drove me nuts when I broke my ankle way back when and had to wrap up in a trash bag before bathing. The effort was worth it, though. And so will yours. And just think, soon all those antibiotic feedings will finally get the job done for you. Hugs.
Sue said…
Glad to hear things are progressing well for you. You're over that midway "hump", and soon it will be over with.
And your office looks like the office of an interesting person!!
Barbara said…
That wrap must certainly make things easier. It is bad enough when I have to have ingrown toe nails removed and have to keep feet dry for 48 hours. I manage by standing at sink for top half and sitting the the bidet for bottom half!!!!!!

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