New Adventure

This was done yesterday so that I can have 14 straight days of infusion antibiotic.  There is no pain and only mild discomfort - mostly from the band that is holding the tail close to my arm - and the act of bathing without getting the tail-end wet is another thing.  I covered the arm with a trash bag.  Now I smell like trash bag deodorant!

I am having these infusions in Graham, Texas, as Harmony House, and it sure beats driving through Metroplex traffic each day.

The Picc was installed yesterday at our local hospital.  Then we drove to Graham, 50 miles away, for the infusion which lasted about 45 minutes.  Harmony House is a nice facility, and they people who own it are very good.

I will endeavor to keep up with my writing, etc., although it is a little uncomfortable to type.

We are blessed with all the medical advances that make this sort of thing possible!

God is good.


Anne Jeffries said…
No glad you has a nearby alternative to driving to the city. It's bad enough having to do this; having an easy drive makes it so much more bearable.
eileeninmd said…
I do hope this helps you to feel better. I have to read further back to find out why you have to have this procedure. Enjoy your day!
Sue in the Wood said…
Thanks, Eileen! And Annie, of course!!! Love to all!

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