My grandmother was one of 17 children from Braymer, Missouri.  Her name was Harriet Elizabeth McBee, and she married my grandfather, John Ficke.  They settled in Wheeler County, Texas, and raised 8 children, the second oldest one was my father, John McBee Ficke.

A couple of years ago I took a DNA test through Ancestry.com to discover more about my family.  After that I have made connections with many distant, and some not so distant, cousins.  I just received these photos from one of them.

Many of this family traveled the Oregon Trail, while my family stopped in Missouri.  This is probably a photo of Richard C. McBee and Genevieve Casterline who were married 23 December 1917.  They were part of the Oregon bunch.

Interestingly, one of my McBee/Ficke first cousins' mother married a man name Linebarger (her second marriage).  In the group of photos I received was this:

This is the funeral card of Elizabeth McBee Linebarger, 1837-1889, daughter of William McBee and Elizabeth Milligan.  

Small world, isn't it?


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