Infusion is On

Well, here we go again!  Or really for the first time.

I will be going to Harmony House Infusion clinic in Graham, Texas, for ten days of once a day antibiotic infusions.  We will drive back and forth.

Palo Pinto General Hospital will install a picc line in my arm so that I won't have to be stuck every day, and they are hoping that this will finally get rid of the e coli bacteria I have been carrying around since February.

I will be so extremely happy to get this over with!  I am thankful to have found a place sort of local, at least not in the city, where I can go and get this done.  Our daughter, Christi, knows the folks who run Harmony House and has led the way in our finding out where to go.

I am being referred by Dr. Rojas of the Tarrant County Infectious Disease clinic and by Carla Hay-Perdue, my nurse practitioner.

Please say a prayer that this finally fixes everything!

God bless you all.  God is good!


I hope this takes care of it for once and all!
Sue said…
Oh my---as one of your newest readers, I was unaware of your ongoing problem.
Hope this does the trick for you! You'll definately by in my thoughts!
Anne Jeffries said…
Best wishes, Sue. Hope this kicks that bads boys . . . well, you know.

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