Our Tiny Garden and the Birds

For many years, from many sources, I have heard pros and cons on feeding wild birds all year round, but no matter what anyone has told us we continue to feed our wild birds all year long.

This year our wild birds have particularly benefited, as, now that Turtle is an indoor car, they are less likely to loose their lives in our back garden! 

For you see, the only outdoorness Turtle is allowed is her little plot of cat grass in the sun by the French doors.

That isn't to say that an occasional bird isn't eaten by a passing puss, but mostly I think our back garden birds feel safe.

In summer we put out a cake feeder cake.  I have discovered that if the lid is not on, the birds get to it easier.  We also fill a flat feeder with millet, corn, and sunflower seeds.  We have a water dripper, low to the ground, and a tall bird bath.  (Our yard men complain about the humidity when they work in the garden.)

 See the titmouse on the cake feeder?

See the house finch above the log?

Our garden flowers attract a lot of hummingbirds...which we never got when we hung a red sugar water feeder.

We also get tons of butterflies, moths, ladybugs, and various other insects, which, of course, are more food for the wild birds.

This summer we have had several clutches of Northern Cardinals, but we also have mockingbirds, blue jays, chickadees, woodpeckers, a variety of wrens, doves (mostly white wing), English sparrows, house finches, and the elusive painted bunting.  And twice this year we have had cedar waxwings.

We also have the occasional small hawk, and various other birds...sometimes even an Eastern Bluebird.

So, all-in-all, I believe our summer (and winter) feeding of wild birds is a great success.


I never have placed the pre mixed red sugar water in my hummingbird feeders...they seem to like the plain sugar water mix I stir up for them. We have hummers by the dozens each Spring and Fall.

Keep feedin' your birds year 'round. We do too.

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