I'm a Winner, thanks to Stencil Girl

I just received my Givaway Prize from Stencil Girl Talk's new blog.  You know, I've talked about Stencil Girl before.  They are great!

I am using stencils for the first time, and I was completely lost until I came upon Stencil Girl Products.  They have so many really creative stencils and creative ideas, and Stencil Girl Talk is the icing on the cake, so to speak, as they do demonstrations in video to assist artists with stenciling!

And, out of 747 who commented on their blog for a chance to win, I did!  And here is what I won:

An assortment of 12 of their amazing stencils with a Gelli Gel Printing Plate!

With a couple of the stencils, using the Gelli Plate for the first time, this is what I did through experimenting.

All you need is a brayer and liquid acrylic paint. It works with other paints, as, well, and with the traditional dry brush method.

So, get out there, go to Stencil Girl, and get busy stenciling!!!  It's great fun!


Mary C. Nasser said…
So glad you are playing with your winnings already!
Congratulations, Sue!!
Carolyn Dube said…
Congrats! Looks like you had fun with your Gelli Plate and stencils!
MB Shaw said…
Awesome, Sue!! So glad you are enjoying your prize. Hooray!
Kay Wallace said…
Congratulations, Sue. It only took one chance for you to win! Great prints from that new Gelli Plate and, of course, those awesome stencils! Way to go!
Woohoo Sue, love what you did already, that heart is a stunner. xox

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