Family Traditions and Independence Day

Thursday was Independence Day.  I often think we have fun but we don't ponder why we are celebrating...our forefathers gave their lives for our freedom, and we just run around shooting off fireworks and eating a lot.  We don't take time to realize that if it hadn't been for those great heroes like George Washington, and all the heroes under him, and the heroes like my father in World War II, we would not be able - or, in some cases, allowed, to do those things we so easily take for granted!


John McBee Ficke in 1945 in France

But because of these heroes, our family celebrated last Thursday, eating, talking, having fun, boating, and shooting fireworks at Lake Graham, Texas, which is our tradition.

 Raf's sister, Mary, enjoying the 4th...
 along with my life-long friend, Jack,
 our oldest daughter, Kathi (Kati), with her daughter in purple, her son in white, daughter's boyfriend in maroon, and a little friend,
our second oldest grandson, Joey, and his friend,
 our daughter, Christi, in whose home we always celebrate Independence Day,
 Raf by our oldest granddaughter, Dani,
 our middle daughter, Carolyn,
 Christi's husband's cousin and Raf,
 and lots of photos of Lake Graham.

 And some movies of the fireworks.

It was a wonderful, but exhausting day.  Everyone had a ball.

I pray, O Lord, that You bless is country and that You help us bring our country back to being the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Please keep our enemies at bay, and please help us to see what we need to do to again make America great.  Amen.


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