Today, a Good Day!

Well, today has been interesting and restful.  I have received two more faeries.

 This one is from Pam.  Isn't she pretty with a blue costume, stockings, a butterfly and wings.
This one is from Tinker, and she put it in a faerie painting she made.  Beautiful, and so spring-like!
I also received this beautiful postcard from Lorraine.  It is fabric, with embellishments and is quite lovely.

Because of the encouragement of Giving Hands, I am making art journals again.  We have a round robin going on...internationally.  So, I am now working on an art journal for my friend, Ruth, here at home. These are the only completed pages.  The theme is blue happiness.

 Finally here continues the tale of two tails!  Turtle and her love, Blackie Edwards.  This was they this morning on the step.

This evening was a different tale, indeed.  Raf heard Turtle scream inside the house.  We had seen Ginger Pearson trotting across the garden earlier, but it wasn't Ginger, but rather Tabby Pearson, who was challenging Blackie for Turtle's affection.
Turtle watched as Blackie told Tabby things he never imagined about his paternity AND that if he didn't leave the domicile of his beloved, he would, indeed, show him the to speak!


Cute story about Turtle and her love! Cute fairies too!
Felisol said…
What great art journals you are making. I am impressed.
I also like the tale about two tails.
It's spring and mating time here too. We are getting visitors even though our Amidala was spaded three years ago.
Instead she became a mouse and bird hunter. It's a thing I do not like, but cannot prevent.
Jim said…
I'm liking your journals. And all of the encouragement from your blogging friends. Nice words help us.

I see you continue Ruby Tuesday when you have red to display. This was a good one, it shows real organization. I think some groups were doing it independly of Mary. Hers got really big.

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