Blue Art Journal

The beginning.  I am making a journal half as big as the one I made to send to the Round Robin.  Here is the beginning of the inside page.


Annie said…
Nice! How did you do this?
Sue in the Wood said…
Acrylic paints and Artist Cellar stencils.
I'm not sure exactly what Art Journaling is, but I LOVE this work you've created.
Sue in the Wood said…
Artist's journals are illustrated diaries and journals on any theme.
Jim said…
I think I might like to Blue Art Journal. Are many men doing it? I'll watch you for a while because I am not ready to start yet.

Christmas cards might be the way I'd go. That or silk sceened or... ?

I love those trailers too. Yours is one of the larger ones, right? It is painted up nice. If I had one it would be small so that I could pull it with my 1974 Ford Mustang II. That car is Pinto sized.

Thank you for reading my blogs and for your nice comments.

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