Trip to Town (Fort Worth)

First, I have to say that soft shell crabs are the best.  Got one yesterday at Central Market to have for lunch today.  YUMMMM!

Yesterday we visited Fort Worth for the day.  As it is Spring Break in Texas, we did not go to the museums or walk through the Botanical Garden.  We'll do that when fewer children are about, thank you!

But this is what we did see.

Will Rogers Memorial Collesum
A neat three-wheeler with two wheels in front for more safety
North Texas University Health Science School where Sarah is working on her PhD
The original Kincaid's Hamburgers on Camp Bowie...with the best hamburgers
Happily for us, John met us for lunch.  He is helping Mary with her cell phone.

A drive through the Fort Worth Botanical Garden

A shopping trip to Central Market...also got wine at King's but didn't take a photo.

See the Soft Shell Crabs!!!!
Then home where we dined on Central Market Deli food so Raf could attend the Camera Club and Stations of the choir last night.



Jim said…
O Sue, I love that fish part of your Central Market. We buy our fish at ours too. I love all the sample food they carry, almost as much at Sam's.

I had an appointment yesterday with my cardio doctor. He is in the St. Luke's Tower building across from the medical center on Fanin Street.

I took a little walk between my tests and the dr. visit, walking over to Herman Park. Fanin had Spring breakers piled up from the park corner over to Main St which is over a half mile. Like all your lovely pictures here, I took Mrs. Jim's camera with me for lots too.

My way home was the other way.
Annie said…
Sadly, I have to admit, the most I've seen of Fort Worth is Dallas/Fort Worth International. My loss.

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