Food, Yes, I Love Food!

That's why I'm on a diet!  But when I eat, I enjoy it!.  Now, when I say diet, I don't mean
DIET, I mean laying completely off the Dr. Peppers, especially, and other sweets, as well, and walking again.  I have been doing that for a week and a half, and I can already tell a difference.  Those cold drinks are delicious...but BAD!

But, as for food, these are two things we had yesterday...both cooked in hot oil. 

The first is Indian Fry Bread, for introduced to us in Navajo country in New Mexico.  It is sold by the side of the road and eaten with butter and honey or powdered sugar.  Raf likes them plain; I with honey-butter.  Here's a great recipe.  It makes a bunch.  I cut the recipe I have in 1/4s!

 Last night we did beef, pork, and shrimp fondue.  We have been doing fondue a lot recently, as we did in the 70s, and really enjoying it.  We also had asparagus, and I made a batter and bernaise sauce for dipping.  It was delicious.

 And the rooster and the chicken watched the fun!
We have enjoyed this so much we have purchased a new, bigger fondue pot from Amazon.  More YUM!


Jim said…
Those look pretty good, Sue. Put some butter on them while they're hot and strawberry preserves and I would hang around like a cat that you feed.

Mrs. Jim's doctor called her and told her some results and said to her that she should start walking 30 minutes a day.

That same day my back doctor after my surgery check-up told me to walk 30 minutes every day.

Do you think there was a National Doctors Day to Tell Patients to Walk?

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