In Nashville...cold, wet, DON'T STAY AT THE DAYS INN ON WEST END!!

Raf is exhausted. We drove from Brinkley, Arkansas, to Nashville, Tennessee, today. It poured all day, but evidently it had iced badly in Jackson , Tennessee, and they were out of school today. By the time we got to Hickman County we could see snow on the side of the road, but right now it's just wet.

We checked in the Days Inn on West End, and the room NEVER warmed up, so after we ate at Tayst (see photos below), we checked in to the Comfort Inn on Music Row, and when we check out of the Days Inn they didn't even argue...they are going to tear it down soon.

We will eat lunch with Madeleine tomorrow, and the memorial service will be Saturday at 1 pm at Harpeth Hills.



We stayed at a motel once that even with the heat on full blast it never got warm at all. be careful you guys.
smilnsigh said…
What a drive. Not in a good way. -sigh-


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