2008 Suggestions/Resolutions

Here are my suggestions/resolutions that I hope to fulfill in 2008:

1. Be the best wife, mother, grandmother, friend I can be.

2. Better devotional life...always, listening for God's direction and endeavoring to do what He would have me do.

3. Quilt 2 quilts for granddaughters who will be 13 this year...to keep up the tradition.

4. Make many of 2008 Christmas gifts (can't tell what...nosy relatives and friends)

5. Do several art swaps in 2008.

6. Participate more with my Glitter Sisters.

7. Once again, clean the studio!!!!!!!

8. Read at least 65 books in 2008.

9. Work on my drawing as time permits...especially pen/ink/watercolor botanicals

10. Visit online/offline friends and communicate more often.

11. Complete my novel.

12. Support the arts...hold house concerts


Flassie's Fil'a said…
Great List!!!

Came by to Wish You and Raf
a Very Happy Blessed New Year!!!
Great goals. May 2008 bless you!
Barbara said…
Thanks for your visit. When on earth do you get the time to read all those books. I love to read but 68 that's a lot of books.
Blessings for 2008
Im laughing at **Clean the studio..AGAIN** If only we had a quarter for everytime we did that>?

Thank you sioux for all the kind words you left for me, Peace, Kai
Susie said…
You have some wonderful goals for this year.
Sending you ((hugs)) and warm wishes for a blessed 2008..

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