On the way to Tennessee

Raf in Gene's Barbecue in Brinkley AR (Ivory-Bill in background)
Ivory-Bill on the wall

We left this morning heading for Nashville, Tennessee, to attend the memorial service for my brother-in-law, John Seibert. We are in Brinkley, Arkansas, tonight, at the Days Inn. This is the home of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. Just got through having a good meal of fried catfish and barbecue at Gene's Barbecue Cafe. Good food with a homemade apricot fried pie for dessert! Almost as good as Aunt Marguerite and I used to make for the farm hands! YUM!

It's about ten degrees cooler (39˚F right now) here than in Mineral Wells, and about ten degrees higher than in Nashville...with snow expected on Friday. Our daughter, Carolyn, reminded us to watch out for the Bunny Bread truck. That sort of truck almost caused us a winter accident in Nashville when the girls were kids.

Tomorrow night we will eat at one of our favorite Nashville home-owned restaurants and try to find some music. Also, we plan to go by Cotton Music to see Darcy and Kim, and we'll eat some more good food and hear some more good music. Saturday is the memorial service, and Sunday we'll head home.

I'm going to endeavor to read some blogs on the trip, and we're working on the novel as we travel.



Flassie's Fil'a said…
So sorry to hear this. I will
pray for you to have a safe
trip and keep you in my prayers!!!

Watch out for the Bunny Bread Truck on the road!

Have a Blessed Year!!!
I am thinking of you guys as you travel. Praying for you too.
nannykim said…
Hi--I noticed you had the Titus one nine on your sidebar. I was at a meeting last week were the guy that does that blog spoke up! I was at the Episcopal meeting --I belong to a conservative area and it was an interesting meeting to say the least. I am glad we finally have a bishop!! The one thing that hit me is the ferver the different people had that were giving reports---I thought the meeting was going to be dull; but nope! They had a passion for the Lord and the ministries they were involved in.

I, too, have memorial services to attend (this weekend). Blessings on your time.
norma said…
I've been to Gene's! check out: ibwfound.blogspot.com
lila said…
Have a safe journey!
Maybe sometime I will find the restaurant you posted about,Gene's!
We are having a bit of snow right now in Northwest Arkansas! Not going anywhere today!
We buried Mickey's beloved sister in Tennessee 2 years ago January 26th. Keep safe on your journey.

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