Christmas Blessings and Happy Epiphany!

Our Christmas blessings are our family. Here are photos of all but the sons-in-law. Hope you enjoy seeing them.
This is Christi our youngest, her daughter Jennifer, Kathi our oldest, Beth Carolyn's daughter, and Carolyn our middle.
This is Dani Kathi's daughter.

This is our oldest grandson John, Carolyn's son, on the right and my first cousin Ron.

This is our second oldest grandson Joey, Carolyn's son.

This is Christi's son Travis.

This is Kathi's son Tim.

This is the way we feel when it's over: Raf, Gus, and Turtle! And to all a good night.
and a Happy Epiphany!


judie said…
Hey Sioux. Your family always looks so happy and smiling. Nice to see that. Bobby is still lost, I believe. 5 days now.
Dawn said…
Looks like a good time was had by all! And the crash in the recliner looks wonderfully inviting!

We almost had Epiphany twins, but they put it off until tomorrow at 12:30.
Naturegirl said…
Great photos but the last is the best! So peacefull!!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Family You have!!!

LoL about to all a good night!!!

Thanks for Stopping in to say
hello and the tips you left!!!

Have a Very Happy Blessed Creative Year!!!

God Bless!!!

Gemma said…
Hi Souix... Great photos.Your family is beautiful!
Glad you enjoyed Christmas blessings and a happy epiphany!!!
Toni said…
What a beautiful family you have. :)
Hope this year brings you lots of fun and creativity. Oh and many happy family moments.
Barbara said…
We all feel like that the world over when it is over. Cats are the same the world over too.

I do hope you get to England and the Cotswolds some day soon.
your family is lovely Sioux. they all look so happy :)
PEace, Kai xx
smilnsigh said…
Lovely photos of a lovely family...

yarngoddess said…
thanks for your comment on my collages today. I'm glad you like 'em.
Susie Q said…
Such a wonderful family but I especially love the last picture..: )


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