Friday no Skywatch

Our sky is leaden and overcast, and one sky looks pretty much like the next, so. . . I decided to show you what I am doing in the way of gardening right now.

I have always waited until the last chance of frost and planted tomatoes, and sometimes they have done well, but mostly they have not.

Last year I got an Early Girl plant from Burpee and other plants locally.  The Early Girl did well and lasted into the fall, but the rest were no goes. 

For several years I have purchased my flower seeds from Burpee, so I decided to buy tomato seeds and plant early inside and see what happened.

Yesterday I planted all thirty seeds, and they are sitting in a bright North window where by other my other plants grow well.  The trouble with this place is that it's double grazed, and where the other plants is not - so I believe, sitting here thinking about it, I will place half up on the table with the Christmas cactus, and half where they are now.

I hope to show progress each week.  We shall see!

This reminds me of an episode of the English comedy series Good Neighbors/The Good Life where Tom and Barbara decided to see whether plants grew best playing sweet music to them or yelling at them.  It was called Talk to the Trees.  My experiment is on!


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