A Week Lost!

As I gaze upon this tranquil photograph, taken at Lake Jacksboro in Jacksboro, Texas, I do realize I have lost a week.  I have had a sore back, and without the ministrations of Sylvia Saucedo I don't think I would be sitting at the computer right now.  Sylvia is our massage therapist, and she is trying gifted.  Tomorrow is our regular bi-weekly massage day, but Sylvia fitted me in last Monday as well, and I believe I am slowly on the road to recovery.

Also, over the past week Raf has had to have a stress test (which takes the better part of a day) and an echo the next day.  And, to top it all off, the plumbing in the back of the house has, once again, decided to stop working.  But tomorrow Steve of Norman's Plumbing is coming to fix it - once and for all, I hope!

So, I will slowly begin to blog after a week's absence.  Sorry to all you who are faithful readers. 

See you tomorrow with photos from last Sunday's family dinner.

Sending love, kisses, and prayers on this Lord's Day!


Anne Jeffries said…
Darn, if it's not one thing, it's another but it's always something. Glad you are back.

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