Birds in my Life

Photo by Raf Seibert

As many of you know, birds are an important part of our lives.  As you can see in the photo here, we had lots of birds, cardinals, goldfinches, woodpeckers, during this terribly cold winter, and we were able to provide them with food and water.  Actually, we do this all year long.  The variety and number of birds change, but they are there - we enjoy them, and they enjoy the sustenance. 

My friend, Jan Crawford, sent me the following today, and I wanted to share it with everyone.  This is Dylan Winter and Starling Murmurations.  It is amazing.  This is in the countryside in England.

If you are interested in birding, even from your arm chair, I have a perfect app for your phone or computer.  It is called Merlin, and it is provided by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology in New York.  This can assist you in identifying many North American birds.  

If you don't have a phone or pad, you can go to All About Birds, also provided by Cornell, and use their guide to identification.

Birds, like many animals, can bring joy into your life.  I encourage every one of you to check out bird watching, or twitching, as they say in England!

Have a great evening!


Anne Jeffries said…
Hi sue. Excited to check out the merlin app. I asked someone else about the owl and she said it was called a hoot owl, as well. Murmurations are simply spectacular.
Sue in the Wood said…
Ha! Hoot owl is a generic name for any owl when they don't know what it is. Check out:

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