A Cold Winter Day - March 2, 2014

Our pride and joy is our 27-year-old grandson, John, second from the left.  He has just completed his week-long 12-hour a day Task Force training.  John has always made us so proud.

This has been quite a strange weekend, but it's been a good one, as well.  For one thing, I finished the third afghan for this year.  The color is really a prettier blue than my camera captured, but the filet stitches are nice.  Now I am one to a rainbow-effect afghan.

As I sit here typing, I can hear the sleet fall, and I can also hear thunder.  The temperature is about 20˚F.  Baby, it's cold outside.
But yesterday, when I was at DAR, listening to Pat Talkington give a program on DAR insignia, Raf was at the high school track where our youngest grandson, Travis, was running for Graham High School.  He is a freshman, but he's on the JV team, and he placed 7th overall.  Yesterday the temperatures were in the 80˚F-range.
 Today we attended Mass at St. Luke's in Mineral Wells, and it is sad to see so few people in the pews.  It seems that after so many years without a full-time priest, this parish is primarily made up of old people like us, and the church seems to be slowly dying.  I am so sorry!
I did light two candles today.  One for my cousin Carrie and one from our friend Charlie, who have both suffered from cancer for years and who we pray God's healing blessing upon.  We pray for them and for their families whom we love so much.

So, it is now I'm going to settle down to watch some Acorn TV a Netflix type channel for British, Australian, and Canadian programs.  The series I am watching is You, me and them.  Before that I watched the 1974 series Father Brown with Kenneth More.  It was produced more like legitimate theatre than television.  The new Father Brown series starring Mark Williams (Mr. Weesley of Harry Potter) is much more modern.  The older series used more of Chesterton's words; the new series is more understandable.

So...until tomorrow.  God bless us, everyone!


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