Saturday - My First Family and Home Blog Post

Family, next to God, is the most important part of my life.  Our immediate family endeavors to stay connected most of the time, for which I feel so extremely blessed.  We have one family meal each month here at our home where we celebrate those who had birthday that month.  We also include those very rare friends who have become like family.

If you don't know about my family, here goes.  I am married to Raf (Ralph Spurgeon Seibert III).  We have three daughters, Kathi who goes by Katy, Carolyn who goes by Carolyn or Carol, and Christina who used to go by Nina but now goes by Christi.  I just go by Sue...that is my name. However, for a while I spelled it Sioux online as my father used to sing "Sioux City Sue" to me! Although, my full name is Johnette Sue, and as a child I always wanted to be called Johnny, my father being named John, but my parents thwarted my every effort in that direction!

We have seven grandchildren.  John is 27; Joey is 24; Dani is 19; Bethy, Jennifer, and Tim are all 17; and Travis is 14.  Next year we will have three high school graduations, and Raf and I will probably go to Alaska, so as not to insult anyone!

I am an only child, but I have one cousin with whom I am quite close.  His name is Ron.  We try to talk at least weekly, although he lives in Midland, Texas, while we live in Mineral Wells, Texas, so we don't see each other but a couple of times a year.   Here we are when I was about 13, and he was about 11.

We certainly don't have all the same memories, but we have some of the same memories, and I am blessed that we are very close!

All-in-all, our family is wonderful, and I am thankful to God for blessing me with being married to my best friend, having daughters we can count on, having good grandchildren, and having at least one close cousin!


Annie said…
Hi Sue. What a nice introduction. Nice to have the story of the origin of the name Sioux. You were using it when we met on our blogs. I think you are very lucky to have made such a large family for yourself. From an only child to three daughters and seven grands.

I was the first of three and had two kids. My sister had one. My brother, sadly, has no children. Biology was not kind to his wife. Our son is married and no children. Again, biology was not kind to HIS wife. He knew going in it might be a problem and they will eventually adopt. They love kids and would be great with special needs kids. We will see what God has in store for them. Kris is getting married in December (as you know) so perhaps there will be grands yet. By the time that happens, I'll be pushing 70, the oldest first time granny on record. LOL
Sue in the Wood said…
Yes, we are blessed. We were 44 when we had our first, and fourteen years ago our last (the girls are all fixed!).

Oh, and you won't be the oldest. I have several friend over 70 who have new and/or first time grandchildren!!
judie said…
Hi Sue..great to see you posting regularly again. I saw your schedule. are one brave blogger if you can keep to that. I would not be able to. I scrolled and checked out your lovely garden. Is that a Lakeview Jasmine tree next to your a/c? I have one. It's an awesome plant. Blooms and blooms and blooms...then sleeps. Kinda like me! :)

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