Not much in the way of Garden and Nature

Fridays I have designated "Garden and Nature", and I will show one photo from my garden, but today ... usually the last Friday of the month ... is also massage day, and nothing comes before (or after) the massage.  Therefore when I was asked by friends to eat together at lunch, I had to say, "Not is massage day!"

Debbie Donaldson, here in Mineral Wells, is our massage therapist, and she is wonderful, so if you live locally, give her a try!

I am not going to write a whole lot, but I am going to brag that I won the first Stencil Girl Talks giveaway!!!  I have just begun to stencil, and I am really excited to have won.  If you are interested in using stencils in you art, check out Stencil Girl on Pinterest!

Now for my one garden photo...I will surly have more to say on this subject next Friday, so join me then!

This is one of our two new Black Diamond crepe myrtles.  Black leaves and bright red flowers!

See ya tomorrow when I discuss Family and Home!


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