My Mother and the DAR

Many members of the DAR got to be members because their mothers begged and pleaded for them, as young women, to join.

Since my mother didn't join DAR until she was over 50, she didn't beg me to join until I was over longer eligible to me a junior member!

Then, of course, she begged me to go in on the genealogy of her patriotic ancestor, Bryan Ward Nowlin, but I told her that if I was going in, I would find my own ancestor, thank you very much!

And I did. That was back in 1984.

Just so happens, it was another of her ancestors, but none of her close family had used this ancestor, Captain Charles McAnally, so I had fun joining DAR with my very own patriot!

I have now, however, submitted a supplemental application for Bryan Ward Nowlin which was approved, and I am process of, hopefully, being accepted as the descendant of Johann Jacob Shrum, who was my great-great-great-great-grandfather, on my father's side!

Thought I would like to throw in a photo of my mother when she was a very young woman.  She was, most certainly, a flapper, and, as Raf would say, she never got over it!

On second through, I decided to show you several photos of her when she was in her teens and early twenties!  Ain't she sweet...and beautiful!


Jim said…
Funny about RAF calling her a flapper. Dad used to call Mom a flapper, or rather, say that she used to be one.

She did look similar to your mom in dress and make-up. Both very pretty women.

Thank you, Sue, for this memory lane item.
iHanna said…
Magical beautiful photos! Wow!

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