More Texasisms

The Texas State Insect is the Monarch Butterfly. This photo was taken by Gary Musgrave of Abilene, Texas, and put up on Lone Star Junction.

The Motto of Texas is Friendship. Yup, we all try our dead-level best to be friendly to you all! BTW, "You all" means all of does not mean one person!

The Texas Gemstone is the Blue Topaz. Raf and I got matching James Avery rings with a blue topaz for our 25th wedding anniversary.

The Texas state dog is the Blue Lacy. Our state dish is Chili. Our state bread is Pan de Campo or Cowboy bread. Our state cooking implement is the cast iron skillet.

Our state grass is the sideoats grama. Our state large mammal is the Longhorn. Our state musical instrument is the guitar. Our state plant is the prickly pear cactus. Our state seal looks like this. The reverse of the state seal, which I can't find, was designed by my mother's college roommate's husband, Henry Wedemeyer.
However the design was revised in 1919.

Here is one of our very favorite things. It's bread, BUT with honey it is a desert...delicious.

Indian Fry Bread from New Mexico Cookbook by Lynn Nusom:

New Mexico Indians prepare a delicious pastry the call "Fry Bread". You can purchase this from vendors all over New Mexico. It is sold at many of the Pueblos and at art fairs and ceremonial dances held throughout the year.

3 cups all purpose flour
1 1/3 cups warm water
1 1/4 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
lard or cooking oil to fry in

Mix dry ingredients together, add warm water and knead until dough is soft but not sticky. Pat and stretch the dough until it is quite thin. Tear off a piece five or six inches square, poke a hold through the middle and drop into a pan of hot cooking oil Brown on both sides and serve hot with butter and jam or honey. Makes 6 to 8 pieces.


altermyworld said…
holy cow THAT sounds my mouth is watering.
Susie said…
I hope they ask lots of Texas questions at my Trivia Night! I'll be ready! :)
I've never seen the recipe for the Fry Bread before. Very different and interesting..
Kai said…
so, you're from Texas? lol..

I'll have to have a go with the recipie Sioux.. Oh, I have a pic from TX on my blog today, the cloud formation.. :)
Peace, Kai
Sheila said…
Fry Bread sounds like my kind of food. Loved the facts on Texas ...I always learn something new here..thanks Sioux!

PEA said…
I love learning new facts about the various States...I didn't know many of the things you mentioned!! As for that fry bread, oh boy, that sure sounds good!! Will have to try it:-) Hugs xoxo
Terri /Tinker said…
Oh, I haven't made fry bread in years - and now you have me craving it! We used to make Indian tacos with it too - though I can just eat it plain, piece after piece, lol. Which is part of why I haven't made it in ages. When I gain five pounds from making it again, I'll know who to thank ;) wink wink ;)
Lisa said…
FASCINATING! I don't think Kentucky even has a state bread. Unless it's corn bread! *LOL*
Gemma said…
Love fry bread....ummmm.
On a cold day with a pot of chili!!!
Sheila said…
That recipe sounds wonderful! And I enjoyed hearing all the facts about Texas. I don't know these things about my own state, Illinoi... I should look them up one day!
Anonymous said…
That Fry Bread sure sounds tasty. It reminds me of something my grandmother made when I was growing up, except she used corn meal instead of flour ~ kind of a mix of cornbread and hush puppies. She would take the batter and form kind of "blobby" patties that were carefully laid into a cast iron skillet filled with about half an inch of sizzling-hot, melted lard. She'd flip them over to get the other side golden brown and crispy. When they were done, and drained slightly on paper towels, she'd split them open and slather butter on the insides ~ oh dear! I just gained ten pounds THINKING about that! LOL!

I enjoyed reading all about the Texas trivia. Hope you don't mind my stealing your idea, but you inspired me to look up some things for my own state, and I'll post my findings this evening!
Kentucky Gal said…
I can honestly say Texans are a real friendly bunch!! And I know about the chili...had to judge a contest once while living there...note to self...don't do this with a blister in your mouth...boy howdy!!

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