Alexander McCall Smith

I have just completed reading another of Alexander McCall Smith's works, Espresso Tales. If you haven't had the pleasure of reading the works of this Scotsman, I encourage you to seek his volumes and devour them. They are so well written, with such wonderful use of our language. I now quote the poem which ends this recent book. It expresses so many emotions in me. It is so true:

Dear one, how many years is it - I forget -
Since this luminous evening when you joined us
In the celebration of whatever it was that we were celebrating - I forget -
It is a mark of a successful celebration
That one should have little recollection of the cause;
As long as the happiness itself remains a memory.
Our tiny planet, viewed from afar, is a place of swirling clouds
And dimmish blue; Scotland, though lodged large in all our hearts
Is invisible at that distance, not much perhaps,
But to us it is our all, our place, the opposite of nowhere;
Nowhere can be seen by looking up
And realising, with shock, that we really are very small;
You would say, yes, we are, but never overcompensate,
Be content with small places, the local, the short story
Rather than the saga; take pleasure in private jokes,
In expressions that cannot be translated,
In references that can be understood by only two or three,
But which speak with such eloquence for small places
And the fellowship of those whom we know so well
And whose sayings and moods are as familiar
As the weather; these mean everything,
They mean the world, they mean the world.

And so, my friends, although we are from many places, we are from but one, this Earth on which we travel. We share our private places, and we know, too, that it does, in fact, mean means the world.

God bless you all this night and come the morning, bless you more. Good night.


PEA said…
Oh Sioux, that is indeed a very beautiful and meaningful poem!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us...we are very lucky to be a part of this world of ours! Hugs xox
Pam said…
That is a wonderful poem. So appropriate for our time. I have not heard of him but I enjoyed reading about him. Thank you.

I was wondering about the scone recipe it says "Beat remaining eggs; combine with cream" but I can't see how much cream. I love scones. Thank you.
Susan said…
Thanks for sharing that. I have to send my son over - he will love it!
Robyn said…
I LOVE Alexander McCall Smith. I ploughed through the Number One Ladies Detective Agency series as though they were going out of style. Fabulous.
Gail said…
Great poem,yes we are very small but our God is oh so big and his word says He holds us in the palm of his hand and knew about us before we were ever formed in our mothers womb... I guess we are pretty important to Him. BE BLESSED
Anonymous said…
Although I'm not familiar with the author, I loved the poem, Sioux. It's amazing how much smaller the world seems because of the internet, and yet how mindful it allows us to be of all the similarities and differences we share with others.
Kentucky Gal said…
This is the prettiest post I've read all evening...
(((hugs))) dear Sioux!!

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