Did Phil see his shadow? Trolls?? Sharing HeART!

February 2, 2007 - around 7:30 am ET - Punxsutawney, PA, Phil did not see his shadow and thus spring is just around the corner!

Well, if Phil had been in Mineral Wells, Texas, he would not have seen it, either, so SPRING here we come!!

TROLLS--go away, please

I have been hearing about Blog Trolls, whom, thankfully I have not met! I don't know why people want to ruin things, but there are just mean spirited folks who aren't happy unless others are hurt. All I can say to any Troll who happens to be around, it would be nice if you would just go play some place else.

Sharing HeART

Below are three of the ATC's I have created for the drawing. Those of you who haven't put your name in the pot and might want to, please let me know!
Pink Valentine
Purple Valentine
Yellow Valentine
Well, I haven't been drawing much lately, so I drew this summer flower while looking at the winter snow...speaking of snow. We had a light salting of snow both in the front of the house...

and in the back.
Today was a lovely day. Louise came over this afternoon, and we watched several recorded versions of Simply Quilts. Then we had a little tea party with black tea for Louise and Earl Grey for me. I made winter scones with heavy cream, and we had a lovely time. Louise and I can talk all day and not cover the same thing twice.

This scone recipe comes from Homemake Bread by the Food Editors of Farm Journal:

Winter Scones

Brighten the supper menu with these cream scones cut in pie-shaped pieces

2 c. sifted all-purpose flour
1 tblsp. baking powder
2 tblsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 c. shortening
2 eggs
1/3 c. heavy cream
1 tblsp. sugar

Sift together flour, baking powder, 2 tblsp. sugar and salt into mixing bowl. Cut in shortening until mixture resembles coarse meal or crumbs. Make a hollow in the center. Save out 1 tblsp. egg white for topping. Beat remaining eggs; combine with cream and add all at once to hollow in flour mixture. Stir to mix--the dough will be stiff.

Turn onto lightly floured board and knead lightly 5 or 6 times, or until dough sticks together. Divide in half. Roll each half to make a 6" circle about 1" think. Cut each circle in 4 wedges.

Arrange wedges about 1" apart on ungreased baking sheet. Brush tops with reserved egg white; sprinkle with 1 tblsp. sugar.

Bake in hot oven (400˚F) about 15 minutes, or until golden brown. Serve at once. Makes 8 scones.

My nurse practitioner friend, Carla, sent me this below...yup! That is my story, and I'm sticking to it!!


Susie Q said…
I love the Garfield quote! That is my new motto!!
Your tea sounded lovely!

Those trolls are mean...phooey on them. I have had to delete a few...

Warm hugs,
Susie said…
The scone recipe looks delish! There is lots flying around about trolls lately. Too bad that certain ones ruin it for others.
Hope your BP is doing well these days!!
Christina said…
Ugh Trolls. I hope I never experience any. I will definitely be on the look out.

Scones are yummy, I can't wait to try the recipe.

Really nice drawings.
Allotment Lady said…
I just love everthing about your blog and your ATC's are inspirational - I will be back more and more - such a wonderful surprise when I visit
Thanks for the scone recipe. I'm going to try it.
linfrye said…
The ATCs are adorable, Sioux! And the snow scenes -- BRR!!! Hope your BP is under control, too!!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Gotta love Garfield!~ I hadn't heard about the trolls but last w/e when I was on retreat some lady popped her head into the room where we were sewing and proclaimed: "You are like sewing trolls, trolls for God!" and then she left as fast as she had arrived. We all sat around and looked at each other in amazed curiosity... trolls? for God? Dunno about that!! Ha! I hope the blog trolls sta away, whoever they are... nothing Godly about that!
Naturegirl said…
YUP that's my story too...very funny!
I am trying your scones recipe as I made some for my ~tea party~ in a past post recently ..looked good in the pictures but I could improve on the taste..so I'll try yours! thank you for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Love the Garfield cartoon.
Kate said…
The Garfield quote is great. The scones sound yummy too. Put me in your drawing, I'd love some of your art.
Kentucky Gal said…
I love tea, but I've never tried the Earl Grey...I have tried a scone...last week at Starbucks I tried an orange, cranberry scone that was very good...a tad dry tasting but good!
judie said…
Those are lovely ATC's Sioux and I definitely want to be in your drawing.

Re Trolls: My dh has a tribute site to Natalee Holloway, and a candle site to go with it. He gets trolls, and one in particular, who just wants to make trouble. Takes dh's screen name and goes to other Natalee sites and leaves ugly messages using his screen name. I can only feel pity for these people who have no life of their own!
PEA said…
Dear Sioux...your ATCs are just simply beautiful and anyone would be very lucky to win one:-) I must learn how to make those!! lol

As for trolls, yes it's a shame that some want to ruin the fun of others just to be spiteful. They must really be unhappy in their lives.

Thank you so much for the scone recipe...I've never tried making those before so now is my chance to do so!!

That Garfield quote is just perfect! lol

Hugs xoxo
Anonymous said…
Beautiful ATC's, Sioux! If I haven't asked already ~ and if it isn't too late ~ I would love to add my name to your drawing.

I must admit that I haven't heard of trolls before. Maybe I haven't been at this long enough...? Or maybe I've just been fortunate! You'd think people had better things to do with their time than to be destructive with blogs that others have so lovingly created. A big 'HISS' to all of them!

And a big 'CHUCKLE' after reading Garfield. Gotta love that cat!
Shelina said…
These ATCs look awesome! I still haven't fulfilled my part of sending work to others, so I will just admire from afar for now.
Terri /Tinker said…
Sioux - finally your word verification thingy is showing up! Yeah! Count me in! I'm having one too - stop on by today - I made mine for the 4th thinking I needed 10 days to get it overseas if any one won from there, but I'm not drawing till late (after 10pm)
Lisa said…
I am dangerous with a recipe! ;o)

Lovely art work!

Trolls? *Shudder*

The Garfield quote is so spot on! *LOL*

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