Journal 1-03-2011 Blithe Laughter

The phrase Blithe Laughter that I just read in a book made me think of blue and music. Blue Music - Blithe Laughter. The tinkling of faerie bells. The giggling as musical as the tiniest of wind chimes, as soft as the fur of my Turtle cat. But with the silery sound of the bells comes the quietness of a golden sunset far in the western sky. Blithe Laughter, faerie bells, wind chimes on the cool breath of the evening wind on a hot summer's day. Shhh - do you hear it? The innocent faerie princess before she meets her prince.


Merle said…
Dear Sue ~~I love this post about tinkling wind-chimes, blithe laughter and faerie bells. It all sounds so relaxing and peaceful.

Thank you so much for your love, kisses and best wishes for a lovely
2011. I hope it is good for all of us. Take care, busy lady, my friend
Love, Merle.
PEA said…
Oh yes, I do hear the faerie bells:-) I just LOVE this page in your journal, you have such a way with words that describe beautifully what you're thinking!! xoxo

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