BirdCam 2.0

The BirdCam 2.0 was my Christmas gift from Raf. He put it up yesterday, and here are the first photos. All White Wing Doves so far. It was on a tree. He is now putting it on a tripod much closer to one of the 6 feeders.


PEA said…
What a great idea as a gift and one that you will enjoy all year round! I need to get one of those considering we get so many various birds in our backyard:-) xoxo
suzanne cabrera said…
I had no idea these existed! What a great gift for the bird lover:)
Tinker said…
A bird-cam! What a great idea - I bet you're going to enjoy your birdfeeder more than ever, with one of those.
Wishing you and Raf a very happy, healthy and joyful New Year! xo

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