Who are you Spending Your Free Time With?

I was catching up with the blogs I follow. I found this post at The Cookie Sheet: "Who are You Spending Your Free Time With?" She found this on another blog and decided to play along but didn't tag anyone else in particular. She just suggested that anyone who wanted to pick it up do so. So, here goes.

The rules are: Get the book that is on your nightstand or wherever you happen to read. Open to page 56 and find the fifth sentence. Post the next two to five sentences and these instructions on your blog. You may not go find your favorite book...it has to be the one you are reading now!

She managed to avoid the door as it swung open and wedge herself between the now open door and the driver's seat, so I couldn't get in myself. Slick. I considered slamming the door on her, but balked at outright personal injury. Besides, I'd spent twenty years in PR and Marketing, I could handle one small-town reporter.

I stepped back and, reassured I wasn't going to bolt, Kate moved out from behind the door: "I understand that you're a suspect in Patricia Harper's murder. Do you have a comment?"

That's the novel I'm reading, but I also have this new title on my table:
The only words on page 56 of this Alisa Burke book are the following:

Painterly Pouch: Making purses out of my canvas paintings was the beginning of my concept to remix canvas. This little coin pouch is an example of what you can do with a small piece of canvas and a lot of creativity.

Found this book, as I often do, through Violette!

Why don't YOU share with us who you are spending your free time with!


Cookie Sunshine said…
Sioux, I'm so glad that you played! Your book sounds very interesting. I've been in bed tonight reading away. How fun to see what friends are reading.
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ I have seen this one before
and it is interesting. I am so glad that
you are pleased about the award Sioux. Glad you enjoy my blog. I seem to always be tired and must get to bed earlier.
Take care, my friend, Love, Merle.
Annie said…
A timely post dear friend. I've been re-evaluating who I spend time with. This is a very recent turn around for me and grew out of something that I did this morning that I now regret. Can't say much more than that at this point. Sorry to be so heavy, Sue.
Flassie's Fil'a said…
I played along Sioux.

That canvas bag book looks

God Bless , Grace and Peace Be Multiplied to You and Yours!!!

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