More Canada...Vol 6

Bonny and Rob took us to Granville Island in Vancouver. She and I took lots of photos of flowers. Granville Island has something for everyone. There are food and flower markets, artist supplies, art galleries, theatres, clothing shops from all over the world, jewelry shops, a shop with many pieces of carved wood, shops with fabric and fiber, restaurants, varied musicians playing all over the name it! If you go to Vancouver, Granville Island is a MUST SEE!

Thanks, again, Bonny and Rob, for a beautiful day in Vancouver.


Jim said…
Hi Sue, I think I could live there! The weather is moderate and the greenery is sooooo pretty.
Last year was my 57th H.S. (class of '51) anniversary but I didn't go. It is way up in Nebraska. I went for 50 and 55.
Thank you for peeking in at Amber (cat) and for your nice comment.
The story is on my regular blog (Jim's Little Blog) with the same pictures and some other stuff.
PEA said…
Now that's one place I didn't go to when I was in Vancouver...what a shame! I'm just so glad that you got to see so much of everything:-) xoxo
Cookie Sunshine said…
This looks like a fun place to be. The flowers are so pretty. Maybe a floral tiara would be better than the one I found.
I'm loving your vacation pictures.

Toni said…
Sioux all your photos look wonderful.
I'm all smiles for you. So glas you and Raf had a good time. Welcome home.
Bonny said…
Hi Sue! We did have fun that day, didn't we??!!! Rob and I enjoyed it as much as you and Raf did ;)) And yes, Granville Island is a very interesting place. We go there every time we're in Vancouver.
I remember taking photos of the flowers! And the sign with the colourful dog!!!

Can you come back so w can do it all again???? (Hint, hint!!!!))
Teri C said…
Oh beauteous blooms!!! I see some art looming in your future>
Annie said…
I love those lower pictures. Well, HECK, it's a coffee house. I can smell my favorite beverage wafting up from the photos. LOL

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