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I got both of these videos today in emails, and, while I'm probably just "preaching to the choir", I had to share them, and I ask cajole, plead, implore, beg for everyone to take the time to watch them. The first is about the election, the second about 2nd Amendment rights. Both show that not all the Hollywood actors/musicians are hell-bent on destroying our country.

From Alfonzo Rachel's mouth ...

... to God's ears.

Here's the second on the link!

Boston Legal's Dancing With Wolves

I copied this from Hearts in 1 Accord blog. It is also worth a read.


Another great e-mail I received today and wanted to pass along as we increase our prayer urgency with just 11 days until this election

A Word About Sarah Palin

45 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. subpoenaed the conscience of America and drove the injustice of segregation like a wedge into the soul of the nation. The wedge has been driven again. When Senator John McCain courageously chose Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate, he drove family values back into the conscience of America.

The liberal media played into the hands of a Higher Wisdom when they injected former Vice President Dan Quayle into the debate by comparing Governor Palin to Dan Quayle. Now, everyone is beginning to realize that this election is not about a man’s charisma or his nebulous notion of change. No. This election is a battle for family values and to the victor goes the soul of this nation.

Governor Palin is more than just a brilliant choice for Vice President. She and her family stand as a sign and a wonder for life and for children. They are a living parable parading in blazing Technicolor before the eyes of the whole nation. This goes way beyond elections. This is about us healing our families, regaining moral responsibility, and exhibiting forgiveness.

Palin boldly stood by her conviction that all life is sacred and chose to have her Down Syndrome child while leading her state. Senator Barack Obama, on the other hand, declared that the first thing he will do as President is pass the Freedom of Choice Act, which will remove every restriction from all abortion procedures, including many restrictions that most Americans agree with. By doing this, he will open up the doors to promote deviant sex education to kindergarteners and exclude even parents from their right to know of their underage daughter’s potential abortion.

When the pregnancy of her 17-year-old daughter became an insensitive liberal media circus, we were given a rare view into love and support as Governor Palin embraced her grandchild in her daughter’s womb as a blessing. Again, on the other hand, Obama was once quoted as saying that if his two daughters made a “mistake” and became pregnant, he would not want them to be “punished” with babies. What a stark contrast of the value of human life!

The ideological beast of Obama’s worldview has been drawn out of its lair and now stands naked and exposed by Palin’s compassion and conviction. The beast is not just Quayle hunting. It is hunting our children, our nation’s destiny, and us. The rage of the media against Palin simply further exposes the moral bankruptcy, bigotry, and lack of compassion of liberalism. The media, Obama’s court prophets, have become Selma’s new sheriffs of the South beating the new heirs of the civil rights movement – the millions of unborn children attacked in the womb and countless women hurt by abortion – with their journalistic Billy Clubs and loud hectoring.

With his choice of Governor Palin as his running mate, John McCain has once again gone to war. However, this time, not in the distant lands of Vietnam and Iraq, but he has gone to war for America, for our families, and for our children. And this war, we cannot afford to lose.

And finally a photo from my friend, retired Marine, Carroll:


Annie said…
OMG. This is so fantastic. I may have to start watching Boston Legal. Of course, the people who need to see this and HEAR this the most, won't be impressed if they bother to watch it at all. So - keep on preaching to the choir anyway. I'm sending your link to me DH. He will send it around. Hugs, Annie
So glad you printed the piece about Sarah Palin. We've got to keep pressing on and pressing in.
Dawn said…
Prayer changes things - and we need to be praying praying praying!
Texas Travelers said…
Interesting post.
I liked it.

Come visit anytime,
Troy and Martha

PS: Alaska Sunday Hope, AK photos are up today.

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