Chris Stern, English Folk Singer

Today Chris Stern sang in concert. He will be singing in concert in our home in Mineral Wells next Saturday, October 18, at 7:00 pm. Chris has a new CD, and those will be on sale then, too. Contact us if you'd like to hear a tremendously gifted singer from Across the Pond!


tinker said…
I love folk music. I miss the coffeehouse we used to have downtown where different folksingers would play on the weekends. Hope it makes a comeback here someday.
Hope you're enjoying your travels too - sounds like you've been having fun~xOx
Annie said…
Hi again Sue. I had not heard of Chris Stern so of course I went right to YouTube and spent a few minutes enjoying his music. Masters of War sure brought back some memories.
Kahshe Cottager said…
I am glad you enjoyed your concert! I am still up to my armpits in boxes - I am either packing or unpacking depending where I am! lol Perhaps I will be done by Christmas!

Thanks for dropping in and saying hello!
Coloradolady said…
Wow, it sounds like you had a wonderful week. I will have to check out Chris Stern on YouTube....

YouTube...was that not a great invention??

Have a great week!
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ I am glad you enjoyed the Chris Stern concert and I hope you will enjoy his singing again in your home.
Thank you for your nice comments about
John's nice little dogs and also a few flowers in my garden. Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.
Barbara said…
I have not heard of Chris Stern but then I don't go to folk festivals. I like folk music though,particularly the old time.

Looks like you are having a good time in Kimberley and that RV must be enormous, and yu can still blog with your Laptop.

Have a great time in Fort Worth and I will revisit my memories of being there.
Jim said…
Hi Sue, I am not familiar with Chris. Is he country western?

We will be having Richie McDonald as guest and feature singer for our church Chrismas special. Richie was the lead singer for Country's "Lonestar" for over 12 years.
That sounds country western but I am not familiar with him either (we don't have cable or dish).

We almost moved to Wimberly for retirement but didn't. We figured it would be too far for the kids to come. We did right because our 50 miles north of Houston is almost too far for them, let alone Wimberly.

Have fun.
BTW, you are a patient soul. I would catch the Dickens if I left my dirty clothes on the table. :-)
Arija said…
On a different note, you said you would like to paint my Iris. I offer you a challeng, feel free to use my photo as a baseline or reference or whatever, and go for it and create, just let me see the end result.
Big bear hug!
Naturegirl said…
I've not heard of him but I love folk music..I think I'll follow Annie's lead and head over to UTube.

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