A Good Day

Yesterday morning Christi and her two children, Jennifer and Travis, came down from Graham, Texas. We all drove to Fort Worth where Christi and I took a machine embroidery course at Sewing World while Raf and the children visited the Fort Worth Zoo in the rain. Travis was licked on the head, through the glass, by a white bengal tiger!

Christi and I learned lots of good information from Peggy, a great salewomen and instructor, about the new Innov-is 4000D embroidery machine.

While we waited from Raf and the kids, Christi and I looked into the Artful Bead (see photos above) and Imprints.

We came home, Christi went back to Graham, and the kids are staying with us for a couple of days. Before we went to bed, we went down to H2JO for coffee and to hear Blue Valley Bluegrass, a group which features our friend, Earl Clark.

Today we are going to Fossil Rim...more on that at the end of the day. John and Laurie are going with us.


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