Faerie Dance

Slowly, slowly, the dawn creeps up into the sky.
As faeries hasten to their beds to sing one soft, sweet lullaby.
For faerie babies sleep all day and rise at crack of dusk to play.
And dance the dance of wee folk and make merry in the hush.
As owls swoop down to join the throngs of little people there,
The moon appears up in the sky
And moths with gossamer wings apply the rhythm as they fly...of faerie dance.
And dancing they will do, 'til once again the dawn appears to hasten drops of dew.


Jamie said…
What a beautiful poem. I've read it just as the dawn is creeping into the morning sky here. Maybe I'll see a faerie on the way to work. Though I imagine they are as fond of rush hour as I am ;)
I believe!

And thank you for coming by my blog and being so encouraging. I will definitely keep painting.

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