Ann Purser

Have you read an author who you really connected with? I have in Ann Purser. Now, I am an Anglophile...that is true, so I read lots about England...and watch BBC America.

I love it all, but Ann Purser is truly a cut above the rest. Her first novels were set in an English village. They portray the every day life in the village of Round Ringford. And they are truly interesting. But her new mysteries are tremendous. They are set in a village called Long Farnden, and their "Miss Marple" is Lois Meade...AND they are right up there with Christi, with a modern twist.

If you want a good read...turn to Ann Purser. Her latest is Theft on Thursday, for for goodness sake, start with Murder on Monday.

Thanks, Ann for your inspiration, as well. Reading your books has me writing again! Thank you.


Lindsay said…
I'm a total anglophile and I'll rush to the library to read Murder on Monday. Thanks for the heads up. Are you watching Bleak House!!!Aint it great?

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