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Yesterday I did this drawing as I am following the instructions in the Danny Gregory book. I was quite pleased with this drawing...I thought I had gotten it close. But then yesterday set in with lots of sadness...two friends had died, and it just began to depress me so much. May their souls rest in peace and light perpetual shine upon them.

Later I tried drawing the cat...no good. This morning I went back to the Gregory book to draw leaves of a plant...no good. That depresses me, but I guess that happens sometimes.


Thank goodness for Violette and her group. When I am feeling down about my art, they always bring me up.


This is my morning schedule. When I arise, I let all the animals in and out and feed anyone who needs feeding. I open the blinds in the living and dining rooms, check the humidifier, and then go to the Blue Room where I

1. read the daily reading in my Bible
2. pray
3. write a page per Artist's Way or Natalie Goldberg
4. read whatever book..now Goldberg and Gregory
5. draw


Tonight we are taking Laurie down to Stephenville, picking up John, going out to eat, and then going to see the production of Guys and Dolls at Tarleton. Should be lots of fun and an uplifter.


Rachel Murphree said…
Hi Sioux -- I'm sorry to hear about your friends...I hope you find some peace...maybe tomorrow drawing will help. We have wonderful rain here too! isn't it glorious? anyway, your drawing of the bookshelf is spot on. I haven't done geared up for that exercise in the book yet. thanks for your comment on my doorknobs...I wasn't sure, since I'm a new blogger, if I reply to your post on my blog, do you automatically get an email on my comment? Rachel
Thermion7 said…
I really like your bookcase drawing!
Physics?!? Calculus!?! not alot of light reading!
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. I never know exactly what to say.

As for the rain... Being in the Pacific Northwest, I will gladly donate some of our precipitation to you in exchaange for a nice sunny weekend.

Best regards-

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