Ruby Tuesday

Our Bethy (second from the coach) is playing in the United States Fastpitch Association World Series in Panama City, Florida, this week. Last night she hit her 5th, for the season, home run. They are 14U.

This is a RUBY as it gets today!

Now off to write more of my book!


Marites said…
that's impressive! congratulations! happy RT!

My RT is here.
Spadoman said…
That is so cool! My Grand daughter plays in a 12U team, in her 2nd year. She pitche and ios left handed. I love watching trhe kids play ball.
Good stuff for a Ruby Tuesday!

gemma said…
World Series Go Bethy!
that is awesome.
Hey I didn't know you were writing a book.
judie said…
Wow, good for Bethy! Pamana City, absolutely beautiful beaches!
Werna Gail said…
You must be sooooo proud. and a Happy belated Birthday to Raf.
joven said…
beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..
NotAlone said…
I love your blog. Please check out my new blog! Support me if you can! :)

Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog post.

judie said…
Ok Ok it's time you came back! Hope your knees are healing well.

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