Ruby Tuesday

There was a lot of red over Independence Day.. Like bunting and the flag, Travis' shirt, Christi's shirt, Bethy's newly dyed hair for the World Series, and Raf's birthday strawberries on pound cake with whipped cream!


Felisol said…
You and your family for sure had a great Fourth of July celebration. Lovely to see you all.
I respect dying ones hair for a worthy cause; the world series.
Sioux said…
We had a ball. As to the World Series...Bethy's softball team is playing in the girls' softball world series in in Panama City Florida next week.
EG Wow said…
Sounds like you had a great Independence Day!
Spadoman said…
I love the birthday cake.

red, white, blue—
bunting draped anew
for the Fourth

Ruby Ripe Tomatoes!
Terry said…
dear americans always have such a swell time on the fourth of july..
family times ...who can beat THAT!
happy ruby tuesday to you my friend and if turtle is around give her a big hug from terry
So very very sweet...all the family, and you sharing with us. What a great celebration. And....GOOD LUCK TO BETHY'S TEAM.

Mine is: a ruby antique. Do come over for a visit if you can today. I'd love your company.
reg said…
Yep looks like a great day was had by all
judie said…
Fun family times. And Raf obviously loved his cake! xoxoxo
PEA said…
Happy belated Birthday to Raf! Sounds like he had a wonderful day and I had to giggle when I read about that security guard giving you heck for taking pictures with your cell phone when you werent...and then ended up taking one anyway. I did the same thing years ago at a museum, I had my camera around my neck but knew I wasn't allowed to take pictures...the guard kept following me, I guess making sure I wasn't going to take any...I got so fed up with him, the first time he turned away, I took a picture of a dinosaur! lol

So glad you had such a fun July 4th with your friends and family:-) xoxo
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