South Texas Coast

My friend, Annie, who lives in northern California, commented that out beaches don't look like their beaches, so I had Raf take a photo looking due north about 10 miles down Padre Island. This is directly on the Gulf Coast.

The tide on the Gulf of Mexico coast in Texas is very small, as you can see from the tide chart. Also, you have to get out on an island like Padre in order to be directly on the Gulf, and not just on the intracoastal waterway.

So, you can see, the isn't enough surf for a board...although we saw a pickup driving south on the island with two boards...we went down about 12 of the 60 miles and never saw the truck again, nor did we see enough surf to make a difference. I guess the guys in the truck had high hopes, but we have been to the tip of South Padre Island (you have to go around, not straight down), and there's not enough surf there, either, to make a difference!

Anyway, Annie, this photo is for you!


Annie said…
Hi Sue. Wow!, I'm impressed. The beaches truly are so calm but before I get too carried away, I must remember that the Gulf does spawn a LOT of hurricanes. Thank's for the picture. Stay tuned. I have an idea. Hugs, Annie
trailbee said…
However, this does look like the orchard areas along Geer Road, Anne! All you have to do is travel north and south on it and stop especially at the Keyes Rd. or Sta Fe intersection and you will see this type of sand, all riverbed. Let's drive to TX and check it out! b.
judie said…
We don't have much surf here on the Gulf either, Sue, altho maybe a tiny bit more than your photos show. Kid here surf when storms come, then we have 1 to 2 foot waves. Well, except for those 'canes. LOL Then we run! xoxoxo

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