Skimmers on the Texas Coast

Skimmers nest on the little city owned beach at Rockport, Texas. They lay their eggs on the ground, on a protected bit of land, and they live there most of the winter. They are a tern-like bird that lives in South Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Black Skimmers are our local North American birds. They hang out with gulls and other shore birds.

These photos were taken yesterday at the Rockport beach. They are really fun to observe.


Annie said…
It's amazing how different the coasts look from each other. It must be the currents and orientation, not to mention bird life. This beach looks so smooth and uncluttered with rocks and seaweed. Clearly it is a much gentler shoreline than I am used to.
Raf and Sioux said…
Annie, the tides here are only about a no tide. I think that makes a big difference. Also, this is the beach inside the inter-coastal waterway. So less tide, still.
judie said…
Have you noticed the terns always face in the same direction when they are at rest on the beach? And at sundown, they always face West. Nice photos. xoxoxo
Raf and Sioux said…
We were just mentioning that yesterday when we saw a bunch of Royal Terns on Padre Island.

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