Juniper/Cedar...Texas Pollen Explosion

Have you ever seen cedar, what we call juniper in Texas, explode and send its pollen into the air? I have lived in Texas for 67 years, or, all my life...and while I have heard of this happening, I have never seen it...until today.

We were driving south on US Highway 281 from Mineral Wells, and along about Hico, it began. When we saw the first pollen explosion we thought there was a fire in the cedar brakes, but as we came level with it, there was no fire...the cedar trees were exploding! And this continued for the next 200 miles or so until we were safely past San Antonio and on the plains of South Texas.

No wonder we are coughing! This pollen is absolutely deadly! If you want to read about it, go to Cedar: The Plague of Trees.

Well, at least we are safe in Rockport, Texas, and hopefully will NOT find some new allergies!



That is something else! I am lucky to have allergies year round. Oh Joy!
judie said…
This is amazing! Never heard of it before. Thanks for the link. I will go get educated. xoxo
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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