Thanksgiving Day

What a lovely Thanksgiving Day we had! Carolyn's family arrived about noon, John and Arsi came about 3, and Christi and her kids arrived about 4. We ate a little after they arrived. We fixed a turkey and dressing, three pumpkin pies, one buttermilk pie, and a can of cranberry sauce. I also I got a lot of salad dressings.

Carolyn brought two green salads and a potato salad, and Christi brought mashed potatoes (a bag full) and a chocolate chess pie.

We ate until we were stuffed. Then we played Harry Potter Clue. After that John and Travis put up the Christmas tree. They we all played Trivial Pursuit, and, of course, Raf and Bethy won. Raf nearly always wins. We did keep playing and Carolyn, Christi, and I came in second. John was partnered with Jenn, and Darrell was with Travis. Never got photos of Jenn and Bethy, but they were there...out walking, as teenage girls are want to do!

We thank God for our family and for our being able to gather together to celebrate!

The photos are from last to first, of course!

Travis is finishing up the Christmas tree.
Darrell and Raf are relaxing after dinner, waiting to play Trivial Pursuit.
John and Carolyn visiting...watching something?
John and Christi getting ready for Harry Potter Clue.
John and Arsi brought the little kids funny gifts. They gave Travis a girl's brush set, and Darrell and Raf ended up with bows in their hair...then Travis got a play knife.

Arsi beside Christi.
Raf, bows, and Travis with Clue
Raf bows, Darrell bows, and Travis

Again, we had a lovely, Thankful day.

Praise God!!


Looks like a fun, lovely day. I love the bows in the hair :o)
Dawn said…
Looks like a very fun, family kind of day!
Felisol said…
Dear Sioux Sue,
looks like you have a wonderful family who are having a real good time together.
That's so rare these days, worth a
Hugs from Felisol
Texas Travelers said…
We wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving (even though it's late).

We are still thankful for all of the leftovers.

Nice post and photos.

Thanks for the visit,
Troy and Martha

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