Beautiful Blue Norther Day

Today the temperature is in the mid 50˚F's here in North Central Texas. Thanksgiving was a beautiful, cool day, as was the day after. Then on Saturday the temperature began to dip, and it is colder now that it was when we went to church. The temperature has dropped two degrees in an hour. The wind is about 12 mph, and, as we are want to say, the only thing between us and the North Pole is a barbed wire fence!

Actually, it isn't that cold. Our priest and his wife went to lunch with us, and his wife noted that a "blue norther" is what the weather is. I told her it was a very, very light blue.

The Weather Notebook describes a Blue Norther:

Blue northers get their start when a bitterly cold air mass builds up not far from the North Pole. This usually happens beneath a dome of high pressure which leads to light winds, clear skies, and successively colder nights. Sometimes the high pressure builds up enough to spread south through sheer gravity, like a blob of maple syrup rolling across your pancakes. However, for a really intense norther, you need the jet stream to help push the air south. When everything comes together, a newborn cold front can race south at speeds of 60 kilometers per hour or more, enough to move it from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico in less than two days.

So it's really mild compared to that!

Right now I a listening to an album I bought from iTunes. It's Kenny Baker's Love Walked In. He sings When You Wish Upon a Star, Stairway to the Stars, and Alice Blue Gown, among others. Beautiful! I had heard him sing Let Me Call You Sweetheart in Stage Door Canteen, but I suppose he never recorded it. Wish I had that one!

Here in Texas we have lots of wild flowers in the autumn. Often they are yellow and purple. In winter we plant pansies, and I took photos of the ones my friend Margaret brought to me last week. Aren't they beautiful? I had just watered them. Remember, we're here in Texas. It may be cold and windy, but nothing says we have rain or snow!

May The Lord bless you and keep you.

May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you.

May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.


Must be nice to plant pansies now. Ha! We'll be planting them mid April!
We ususally plant pansies but didn't this year with the surgery. I just love them and yours are very pretty. What ever happen about the Church situation you found yourselves in? You haven't said much about it lately.
Naturegirl said…
How wonderful to have pansies growing into December! Here mine are sleeping waiting for the warm earth in Spring but I have memories captured in photos to keep me inspired!
It's All Good! said…
I love purple pansies! Beautiful pics.
We lived in Wichita Falls for a few years in the early ninties. My birthday girl (today) was born there.
Thanks for your prayers for my sis.
God bless,
Brenda :)
Annie said…
How pretty these are. And, thanks for the insight into TX weather. Did I tell you that I would be in Byran/College Station Dec. 11-14?
Toni said…
The flowers are beautiful. Pansies can take the cold well.
Merle said…
Dear Sioux ~~ Lovely photos ~ thanks for sharing them.I love the little violas ~ we call them Johnny jump-ups
as they tend to come up anywhere.
I am very happy with my gazebo now the setting is in it. Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

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