I began my participation in NANOWRIMO today. This is my second year to participate. Got 2,036 words today...working on last year's novel to finish it before beginning the sequel.

Got back into DAR today...found out they had appointed me to stuff I didn't know about, but that's ok.

Tonight we have a house concert tonight here with Stacey Arnold, a classical guitarist.

Tomorrow we are coffee hosts at church.

Tuesday we are election clerks.

So there it is in a nutshell! See ya!


The election and our vote is SO important, as well as our prayers for our nation.
Lisa said…
Wow, sounds busy but kinda, sorta fun. :) Good luck on NaNoWriMo. I can't believe it's time for it again already.
bonnyracca said…
You DO like to keep busy, don't you??!
Good luck on all counts!

The book sounds ambitious but you seem to be off to a great start - all those words!! Phew!!!!

I hope things go well with your election, coming up.
Dawn said…
A very busy week ahead! I have such awe for people who can write fiction - I have not one gene in my body that is wired that way!

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